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Our Mission at The Sport and Health Clinic is to change the way you see Chiropractor in Gregory Hills, their Treatment and Physical Therapy. We are the premier Chiropractor in Gregory Hills, Camden, Narellan and Gledswood Hills.

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The muscle imbalance and joint dysfunction between the shoulders and back cause increased stress on the neck muscles. Neck Pain is accompanied by stiffness in the neck and shoulders with a dull ache and a “tight band feeling” across the head.

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Headaches are a common complaint suffered by patients who have poor posture. The muscle imbalance and joint dysfunction between the shoulders and back cause increased stress on the neck muscles.

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The lifestyles of today’s world have seen this becoming an increasing issue, commonly treated at The Sport and Health Clinic. Whether you sit behind a desk all day or are involved in vigorous manual labour, you may be increasing your postural stress.

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Lower back pain is caused by muscle imbalance and joint dysfunction leading to disc injuries as a result of poor lifestyle, postural stress and trauma. You may feel this as stiffness and sharp pain in the lower back and in extreme cases pain down the leg, known as sciatica.

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When the shoulder muscles and joints don’t work together this leads to joint inflammation, bursitis and even muscle tears, which leads to pain.

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Hip pain is one of the most common forms of lower extremity pain and is often caused due to osteoarthritis. This condition results in the inflammation and pain of the hip joint, where pain is often felt throughout.

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what we target

Camden Chiropractic services.

Chiropractic Treatment

Returning your body to the correct alignment improves overall function.

Muscle Release Techniques

Breaking up adhesions or dense collections of scar tissue.


Specific movements and exercises designed for personalised reform.

Posture Analysis

Ensuring proper posture for personalised results to relieve pain and issues.


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The Sport & Health Clinic is centrally located in a brand new facility in Gregory Hills, Our chiropractic clinic is only minutes away from Camden, Narellan, Oran Park, Leppington & Mount Annan.

Our Chiropractors aim to deliver exceptional results with your health being our top priority. We know that pain and injury can impact your quality of life. We are here to help, and you can count on the professionals at The Sport and Health Clinic – Experienced Chiropractors You Can Trust!

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About the sport and health clinic

The Number 1 Chiropractor in Gregory Hills.

At The Sport and Health Clinic, we always want to provide our clients with the best chiropractic care and other health-related services. We know that all our patients’ needs are unique, we believe that they should be provided with a personalised treatment. After all, we aren’t the leading chiropractors in Gregory Hills for nothing.

We continue to treat a number of patients in and around the areas of Smeaton Grange, Currans Hill, Gledswood Hills, Harrington Park and Emerald Hills.

why we do what we do

the sport and health clinic's mission for camden.

Our Mission at The Sport and Health Clinic is to change the way you see Chiropractic Treatment and Physical Therapy. We provide joint and muscle pain relief as well as education to prevent future injury. Administering evidence-based treatment and exercise programs, we will work with you to customise a treatment plan that you can be confident in and suits your lifestyle.

We have the leading sports chiropractors in the Gregory Hills. They are experts in diagnosing issues and treating them in the best way possible to correct movement and give pain relief.

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