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Welcome to our chiropractic family! Trust us to guide you towards relief and comfort on your wellness journey.

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George Diab - Director Of Sport And Health Clinic
Dr George Diab

Welcome to our chiropractic family! Trust us to guide you towards relief and comfort on your wellness journey.

The Founder

With over 10-years practice experience, Dr. George Diab is the founder of The Sport and Health Clinic. Dedicated to the support, rehabilitation and pain relief. Working with patients from all walks of life.

A passionate and caring Chiropractor who is dedicated to achieving the highest quality of spinal health for patients in his care.

Dr Diab is well trained in and leverages a wide variety of techniques to cater for varying patient needs and pain management. These include manual adjustment techniques, and soft tissue work.

Dr Diab’s primary passion remains that of a Chiropractor recognising the positive influence chiropractic has on the general and spinal health of a patient. The emphasis is on enhancing and maximising the wellbeing of each patient through skilled treatment and personable care.

Dr Diab holds a Bachelor of Chiropractic Science and a Masters in Chiropractic Science at Macquarie University, Sydney.

Dr. George Diab

Dr Mayraj Syed-Zaidi

Dr Mayraj Syed-Zaidi is a highly qualified Chiropractor versed in the latest techniques and practices in the chiropractic field. Dr Syed-Zaidi holds a Masters and Bachelors degree in chiropractioc sciences from Macquarie Univesristy, Sydney.

She has particular interests in sportsrehabilitaion and woman’s health.  She is a chirporactic specilaists in numerous techniques including soft tissue work, manual therpay and adjustmentswhich aid in the care of patients ensuring their well being is paramount.

Dr Syed-Zaidi is highly trained to ensure absolute safety of all her patients and enjoys the long term relationships she forms with her patients.

As part of a patients health care Dr Syed-Zaidi aims to liase with patients health care providers as part of an overall health care plan.

This ensures that all our patients receive the best health care possible from our chiropractors therefore ensuring maximum possible pain relief and a return to a normal life style.

raj Syed Chiropractor
Dr Mayraj Syed-Zaidi. Practicing Chiropractor

At our clinic, trust is the foundation of every interaction. Experience the comfort of knowing you're in good hands on your path to pain relief. Step into our sanctuary of healing where trust and comfort converge to offer you the pain relief you've been seeking.

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