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Chiropractor Mount Annan

Customised chiropractic services to restore health at The Sport and Health Clinic in Mount Annan

Every person suffers from different kinds of pain and every problem needs a different treatment according to the symptoms and needs. When one looks for clinics offering chiro, he or she trusts Sports and Health Clinic with the services that we provide. We pride ourselves on offering the most reliable services to our patients. In offering treatments for a plethora of problems, we take full care of our patients’ chiropractic needs.

Regular spinal examination is essential to maintain optimal health. We treat patients suffering from spinal pain and ache, joint stiffness due to postural strain, sports or work injuries, muscle soreness, and pain due to car accident injuries.

Chiropractor Mount Annan
Chiro Mount Annan

One on one care

We believe in building healthy relationships with our patients. By providing one on one care during treatment, the patient gets special attention to his or her problems and treatment tailored according to their conditions. We do not make false promises with what patients can expect. One can however notice significant improvements in their health with our treatment and by following our advice. If any patient does not respond to our treatment, we pick out another chiropractor in Mount Annan for them who can treat their condition. This helps build trust between us and our patients who rely on us for their sound health.

Patient comfort is our priority

At most clinics, Chiropractors lose patients because of a lack of communication. However, our team of chiropractors takes enough time to make the patient comfortable and to communicate whenever necessary. We dedicate ourselves to rendering the right care, by paying special attention to each and every patient. We neither make patients wait for long nor do we rush the treatment. Instead, we ensure that patients are confident about the treatment we are providing, and that they receive the best care. We monitor the condition of the patient regularly so that the patient can see and understand the improvements in their health.
Chiropractor Mount Annan
Chiro Mount Annan

Goals of treatment

At The Sports And Health Clinic, our priority is the wellbeing of the patients. We use a variety of techniques and proven treatments to treat patients. Our objective is to:

  • Gain insight into the health status of the patient and the functioning of their organs or body systems.
  • Reduce their pain and suggest the best preventive measures to inhibit pain from coming back.

Why choose chiropractic care at Sports and Health Clinic?

A chiropractor in Mount Annan treats every patient to allow their full range of motion, greater flexibility, pain-free living, and perfect posture. We use varying and customised techniques according to the individual needs of the patient, as well as their choices & symptoms. We select the techniques according to your cause of neck pain or back pain.

The techniques we use are always in accordance with the condition and comfort of the patient. The health professionals at Sports and Health Clinic use different specialised techniques to address problems like backache, neck pain, migraine, sciatica, and headache.

With years of experience, our health professionals have the best training and techniques to treat your ailment & alleviate pain, so that you can get on with life without difficulty.

Chiropractor Mount Annan