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Headache & Migraine

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Experienced Chiropractors for Headache & Migraine.

Headaches are a common complaint suffered by patients who have poor posture. The muscle imbalance and joint dysfunction between the shoulders and back cause increased stress on the neck muscles. Headaches are accompanied by stiffness in the neck and shoulders with a dull ache and a “tight band feeling” across the head.

Evidence suggests chiropractic treatment can be very effective in treating headaches and migraines. Regularly seeing a chiropractor can be extremely helpful in reducing the signs of headaches and migraines, as these are often caused by common issues in the neck, back and shoulders. If you’re consistently suffering from headaches and migraines, you may need to seek chiropractic treatment!

At The Sport and Health Clinic our uniquely tailored headache & migraine treatment aims to correct the muscle imbalance and relieve tension in the head and neck. Contact us today to book in an appointment with one of our chiropractors in our conveniently located facility in Gregory Hills near Camden, Narellan, Oran Park & Mount Annan.

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At The Sport and Health Clinic, we always want to provide our clients with the best chiropractic care and other health-related services. We know that all our patients’ needs are unique, we believe that they should be provided with a personalised treatment. After all, we aren’t the leading chiropractors in Gregory Hills for nothing.

We continue to treat a number of patients in and around the areas of Smeaton Grange, Currans Hill, Gledswood Hills, Harrington Park and Emerald Hills.


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