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Chiropractor Smeaton Grange

The best chiropractic care in Smeaton Grange

At The Sport and Health Clinic, we understand that proper chiropractic care is a healthcare discipline that works based on sound scientific principles. As the leading chiro in the area, we know that our bodies in part are capable of healing and regenerating themselves. The brain, nerves, and spinal cord play important roles in this context as they regulate all these activities.

The word chiropractic derives from Chiropraktikos, a Greek word. The Greek word means “done by hands”. So, this should tell one how a chiropractor works. By changing the positioning of the body with their hands and other small instruments with force, we address problems like back pain, neck pain and misalignment.

Chiropractor Smeaton Grange
Chiro Smeaton Grange

The role that our bodies play

Our skulls are a vitally important part of our body; they protect the brain. Another important bone structure that works with the brain, the spinal cord, has moving bones that secure delicate and detailed pathways that allows the spine and nerves to communicate with each other. Our patients in Smeaton Grange can be sure that we well understand the importance of their spine and surrounding skeletal structure, in how we address their treatment.

We understand the effects that our bodies suffer when these pathways are impaired in any shape or form. The same also goes for the malfunctioning of critical organs and tissues. Therefore, our chiropractors always look after you with the utmost care.

We provide a viable alternative to the invasive surgeries

Many people in Australia regularly suffer from bodily pains and aches, such as:

  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Knee ache
  • Joint ache

However, many Australians don’t know that a chiropractor can help them significantly in these regards. Most are under the misconception that only a surgery could cure their issues, and with the cost and invasion involved they look over getting treatment all together. As the leading chiropractic doctors in Smeaton Grange, we are proud to say that we can provide them the alternative treatment they are looking for in these cases.

Chiropractor Smeaton Grange
Chiro Smeaton Grange

Why do people suffer from these regular pains and aches?

In most cases, people suffer from these issues because of their everyday life. As the top chiro in the region, we would like to explain those causes to our patients:

  • If people work in the hospitality sector, they tend to stand on their feet all day long – this could lead to discomfort in the hips.
  • If people sit at a desk for over 8 hours with poor posture, it can lead to lower back pain.
  • People could also suffer from inflammation or pain because of their age.

Our clients can be sure we have the best chiropractor doctors to cure them.

A few words on our chiropractic care

Our chiropractic care is the most popular and biggest among all professionals dealing with natural health in Smeaton Grange. One of the major reasons for this is the way we have cured so many of our patients and helped them become a lot healthier without the likes of drugs or surgery. Our chiro has a holistic approach to healthcare and the wellbeing of our patients.
Chiropractor Smeaton Grange